Welcome to my website! I'm the author of The Clockwork Giant and Le Theatre Mecanique, part of the Chroniker City steampunk novels for young adults. I have several other projects in the works: The Guild Conspiracy, sequel to The Clockwork Giant; and The Wizard's Heart, a fantasy novel set in a world based on Ancient Persia. To read up on my latest progress with each project, you can read a brief summary below each month, or you can follow me on Facebook and Google+ for daily updates.


April: The Wizard's Heart is finally out to beta-readers and should be back with comments and all by the end of the month. I'm both thrilled and terrified that I've finally made it to this point in the process. This book started as a tiny idea way back in like 2008, and then in 2010, I wrote the first draft of that idea (which didn't really work out), finally rewriting the novel from scratch in late 2012. Here it is, in 2014, and I'm finally going to see this book published. People talk about their book babies. Well, this is mine. I'm more excited than I can really articulate at the moment.

Anyway, now that the book is with readers this month, I'm taking the time to get together all of the necessary things for publication, which should be sometime in June, no later than July 1st. That means designing a paperback cover, finalizing the blurb, getting together any marketing materials, contacting reviewers, setting up a giveaway, writing up all the front and back matter, and so on so forth. Hopefully, by the time I get the book back from my proofreader, all I'll have to do is make the necessary fixes and approve the paperback, and then the book will be ready to publish.

I have a working blurb that I'm not totally happy with, but it's functional for now, thanks to my lovely editor, who helped come up with the foundation for it. I'll be adding that and the cover to my books page soon. So keep an eye out for more news next month, and for more frequent updates, follow me on Facebook or Google+, links below.