Dark Lord in Training

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When Alden Millard steps before the Seeress of Erilea, waiting to learn his destined profession, he hopes for a future in a less-than-deadly career. Instead, he’s named to Master Phineas Elwyn Wright, the presiding Dark Lord of the Griffinwold, who is looking to train an apprentice before he retires from his life of evil.

Bound to a seemingly inevitable fate, Alden must learn how to wrangle the forces of evil and help Phineas orchestrate one last nefarious hurrah against the reigning heroes of good in order to earn himself the title of Dark Lord.

There’s just one problem: Alden isn’t evil. And he’s not sure he knows how to be. But maybe, with the help of Master Phineas, the seeress’s apprentice Radmila, and the resident demon of Griffinwold Tower, he just might be able to learn.

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