Upcoming Events

This is where I will be in an official author capacity in the foreseeable future. I will update this as often as possible.



February 25 at Barnes & Noble in Rogers, AR, 12:00-5:00pm

March 11 – at Rogers Public Library in Rogers, AR, 10:00am-4:00pm


March 17-19 – ANOMALYCON

at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center in Denver, CO

Friday, March 17

Sex and Romance in Young Adult Fiction: 7:00pm – Windstar A

As adults, we might feel uncomfortable reading about teenagers exploring their sexuality–but what about those teenagers? Should we be talking about sex and romance in young adult fiction.

Panelists: A.L. Kessler, S. McGuire, B. Johnson

Saturday, March 18

Is This A Kissing Book? 11:00am – Wind River A

Romance in Science Fiction and Fantasy is a common theme, and some might argue that this makes those stories “women’s books.” Why is there a struggle to tell stories with the common theme of relationships and maintain a serious science fiction theme? When is this done well?

Panelists: A. Howard, B. Johnson, T.L. Morganfield

Open World Mechanics and Storytelling: 12:00pm – Mesa Verde C

Open World Exploration is big in video games, akin to the enormous storylines of high fantasy novels, with thousands of pages and dozens fo characters to track. Our experts discuss storytelling potential realized and lost in these scenarios.

Panelists: T. DePass, B. Johnson

New Fiction Now (READING): 3:00pm – Windstar A

Writers Reading Their Own Cool Stuff that just came out. Pick up a new favorite.

Panelists: S. Glassman, B. Johnson, M. Davis

Authors in Armor: 5:00pm – Mesa Verde C

Authors talk about cosplaying, LARP, RPGs, and storytelling.

Panelists: R. Calas, B. Johnson

Based in Dreams: 6:00pm – Wind River B

Young adult fiction often has elements of urban fantasy, and the appeal for young adults and older adults alike seems to be reliving the imagination of our childhood.

Panelists: Z. Elliot, B. Johnson, E. Ann

Video Game Disasters: 7:00pm – Windstar A

Gamers and Storytellers talk about the worst narratives they’ve ever shelled for.

Panelists: T. DePass, B. Johnson, K. Major

Sunday, March 19

Pirates! And the Rogues Who Love Them: 2:00pm – Mesa Verde C

Why is Steampunk so enamored with Sky Pirates? Why are we so thrilled by the idea of a character who makes their own rules, like the rogues of Firefly or The Pirates of the Caribbean?

Panelists: J. Campbell, B. Johnson, R. Maas

May 26-28 – CONQUEST 48

at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center in Kansas City, MO

(Panels TBA)

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