March was a very productive month for me! If you remember last month, at the end of February, I decided to buckle down on my book by pulling back on social media and my non-writing streams, and it has certainly started to pay off! I had some up weeks and some down weeks, but overall, I made excellent progress on BLOOD OF SALT, TEARS OF PEARL.

I’m a little behind where I would like to be at the moment—I had hoped to start rewrites on Part 3 this week—but this is the kind of thing that takes the time it takes. Chapter 9 has given me a lot of trouble this month despite thinking that it would be fairly straightforward. Rewrites were difficult to begin with (that’s what happens when you try to condense scenes from multiple chapters into a single scene), and then when I went back to review Part 2 as a whole, I realized I needed to rewrite it yet again, so that’s been slow going.

Otherwise, I’m really pleased with my progress. I wrote more in March than I did in January and February combined, and my total word count is inching closer and closer to my target goal. As of right now, I’ve cut 86,000 words total from the book, turning the first 18 chapters and a double prologue into to just 10 chapters and no prologue. It’s a little nebulous as there are things from the first half of the first draft that I still need to add back in to later chapters, but it’s a good indicator of the progress I’m making overall.

Word Counts:

Blog/Newsletter: 1,006

Total Words Written Last Month: 22,997
Total Words Written in 2022: 45,831

Plans for This Month:

My first goal is to complete my review of Part 2, of which I only have a little left—about 8,000 words to read over, rewrite as needed, and polish. I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to finish that up over the weekend so that I can start on Part 3 next week. Then it’s just a matter of rewriting those four chapters, which, if I’m both good and lucky, I should be able to finish by the end of April. I’m really looking forward to moving on to this next part. Part 1 was mostly setting up the main characters and conflicts, and the inciting incident(s). Part 2 was more worldbuilding, more characterization, introducing new characters, and starting to build up to the main conflict, a bit of a lull before the storm, so to speak. Part 3 is when the story really starts rolling and just… doesn’t stop until the end. I’m really excited for that.

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