I spent nearly half of March away from my desk—multiple author appearances, a weekend of nine panels and several hours of table time at AnomalyCon, and a week of road-tripping for Spring Break—so I didn’t get as much writing done as hoped I would. I wanted to finish REBEL ENGINEER by the end of the month, and an attempt was made, but I fell short. In good news, I’m pretty close now, and the book is up to 40,000+ words.

March Word Counts:

Blog posts: 494
Untitled Epic Fantasy: ~500  (2 pages handwritten notes)

Total for March: 14,068
(Total for 2017 so far: 61,179)

Plans for April:

Finish REBEL ENGINEER, take some time off of writing to catch up on my reading, maybe write a few chapters of DARK LORD IN TRAINING, and start plotting the next book in the Chroniker City series, THE CHRONIKER LEGACY.


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