July was move month, so most of my time was spent packing, moving, and unpacking, plus trying to clean up the old house to get it ready to sell. I did get a little writing done here and there, which surprised me. No progress on REBEL ENGINEER, unfortunately. I wanted to try to edit a chapter a week, but I wasn’t able to. However, I did write more material for THE MERMAID & THE BEAST (working title), which is still in the pre-drafting stage.

July Word Counts:

Blog posts: 250

Total Words for July: 3,003
Total Words for 2017: 89,067

Plans for August:

Kiddo goes back to school this month, which means I’ll have my primary writing time back. And nearly everything is moved and unpacked at the new house now, which means I can actually spend that time writing. I need to finish editing REBEL ENGINEER as soon as possible, so that’s going to be my primary focus for the next month. I would like to have it finished by the end of this month, but I suppose we’ll see how that goes. Once I finish editing REBEL ENGINEER and send that off to the publisher, I’m going to turn my attention toward THE MERMAID & THE BEAST and hash out a draft for that as quickly as possible. I desperately need to write something new, and I’m hoping that this project will reinvigorate my love for writing. As much as I love Chroniker City and all the characters that make it what it is, I’ve spent too much time there and the shine has worn off. I’m a little burned out on steampunk. I need a vacation from that part of my brain so that when it’s time to write the final book in the series, I can approach it with renewed vigor and tell it like it needs to be told. (DARK LORD IN TRAINING is still on my mind, but I’ve had a hard time putting myself in the right mind space to write that particular story, which requires a much more lighthearted tone than I can muster right now; AKA, American Politics suck.)


I will be at the Bella Vista Public Library, Wednesday, August 9th, at 

I will be at the Rogers Public Library for their Geek the Library event, August 19th, from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

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