I wrote a post over on The Scriptors blog about doing author events: http://thescriptors.com/author-events/

It’s overwhelming and downright scary to think about all of the future appearances I’ll be putting in over the course of next year, but in truth, it’s something that I just have to do if I want to find success as an author. The first step is going from unknown to known. Then comes the success. Or so I tell myself.


I take heart in knowing that many authors started just exactly where I am right now: planting myself at a table in front of a bookstore for hours on end, hoping someone will stop by and show interest in my books; doing panels at conventions where I feel like the least qualified person in the room; or setting up a booth at a local makers faire and hoping for the best. At worst, I sell no books and lose a Saturday or a weekend trying to foist my books on unsuspecting readers. At best, I do sell books, whether that number is less than five or much much more, and in the process gain new readers and new fans for the next book. And the fact that I sell any at all is still a marvel to me.

You can read more at The Scriptors blog.

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