writing update! i’m making progress on plotting my next Chroniker City book, which will be a novella from Emmerich’s perspective while he is working in Paris, set during the events of The Guild Conspiracy. i’m excited to get started on this, and i expect i’ll get to start writing within the next couple of days. research has gone smoothly, and the plot came together much faster than expected, so i’m nearly done with the brainstorming/plotting stage.

in this book, you’ll get to see Emmerich’s side of the story, more of his father’s machinations and the instruments of the looming war, but also an in-depth look into Petra’s early years with her mother, before the University Fire left her orphaned. i’ve had to do a bit of work to define all the vague details i left unanswered in the first book, but i’ve figured out a way around my own shortsightedness, and i’m excited to share this story with you. :)

i expect writing will take me the rest of this month and most of February, and after that, i’ll be pitching it to Harper Voyager in the hopes of renewing my contract with them, for this and the next full-length novel in the series. i don’t yet have a title, but i’m working on it.

i’ll do my best to keep you all updated! but if i’m quiet over the next few months, it’s because i’m busy writing. :)

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