January was a weird month. I had intended to start working on BLOOD OF SALT, TEARS OF PEARL and return to my usual blogging and writing streams once kiddo returned to school, but as it turns out, my brain needed a longer break than originally thought. I did work on a few things, just not on anything I expected to. I spent a couple of weeks just playing video games, mainly Baldur’s Gate 3, and the last two weeks of the month were dedicated to working on a new Dungeons & Dragons campaign (inspired by the world of Forgotten Realms, where the Baldur’s Gate franchise is set). I basically took a really deep dive into the Forgotten Realms lore and history, and creative brain wanted to play.

Randomly, in the middle of all that, I had a sudden spark of inspiration for the beginning of the final Chroniker City novel, THE CHRONIKER LEGACY. The last time I was able to work on my steampunk series was mid-2017. I didn’t have a bit of inspiration or motivation to work on it after that, and I pretty much considered it dead and unrevivable, until a few days ago. It’s not much yet, but it’s a start.

I did literally nothing else, and so there were no updates for my game blog or my weekly writing talks.


Word Counts in January:

Blog/Newsletter: 907
D&D: 7,382

Total Words Written in January: 8,425
Total Words Written in 2021: 8,425


Plans for February:

With D&D on the brain, I’ll probably keep working on that for the time being, at least until I get the first act of the super adventure squared away. Now that I’ve settled on the lore, history, and location info, I can start building out encounters and finetuning the details of the story. I will probably write up a brief summary of major plot things for the second and third acts, and then wait until after my players finish the first act (or close to it) before I start working on the rest.

Beyond the D&D campaign, I would like to return to working on Draft 2 of BLOOD OF SALT, TEARS OF PEARL, but we’ll see. Every time I think about working on it, my brain bounces hard in the opposite direction, so I think I probably need a little more time before I can really dedicate myself to digging into the book. I think it’s just one of those stories that takes the time it takes, especially considering the size and scope of the revision and the work involved.

Maybe once I wrap up this D&D stuff, my brain will be more ready for it, or maybe I’ll decide to switch gears completely and work on finishing the Chroniker City novels. I’m not too stressed about it. So far, 2021 has me in a rather laissez-faire mood. Very zen. Maybe I’ll just see where the wind takes me.

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