January was a pretty good writing month, and while I wish I would have written more than I did, I worked almost every weekday (I only missed three days, and one of those was a federal holiday, so not too shabby). It feels good to get the year off to a good start, and I love what I’m working on, so that’s a big plus.

I wanted to get quite a bit more written on THE MERMAID AND THE BEAST than I did (I got about half of my goal for the month), but being the first of the year and just getting back into the writing groove, I forgive myself for falling a bit short. I ended up having to do more editing than I anticipated on the chapters I wrote during NaNoWriMo last year, so that inevitably tied my word count up while I sorted everything out. The good news is I feel a lot better about where the book is in general, and I feel like the editing I did made the story a lot stronger (though it was really hard to cut some of the stuff I had written. But I know when I’m trying to force a scene to fit a bit of dialogue or a bit of description, then it has to go. Kill your darlings, and all that). It’s now up to 56,655 words total.

I am disappointed that I didn’t write more on DARK LORD IN TRAINING in January (what I did write, I ended up deleting the next day). I wanted to work on it more, but I’ve been stuck on the same chapter for literal months now, and I haven’t quite picked my way through the mess yet. Hopefully, the answer will come to me some day and I’ll just blitz through the rest of the novel and get the whole thing up on Wattpad as complete, but who knows.


Blog posts: 3481
Other: 2500

Total Words for January: 23,830
Total Words for 2018: 23,830


More on THE MERMAID AND THE BEAST, obviously. I’m going to aim a little bit lower this time and try for 25-30,000 words for the month. That would put me at 80-85,000 at the end of February which would be AWESOME. I feel like I’m about a third of the way through the novel right now, so if I can hit that target for the month, that’ll put me at about halfway done. I think I can do that much, as long as I can maintain the writing streak I set in January and don’t get bogged down in minutiae, as I am prone to do. I’ve finished editing the NaNoWriMo chapters, so it should be less editing and more drafting moving forward. I’ve already deviated from my outline by what feels like a mile (nothing is happening like I planned), so I feel a little bit lost at times! I know what my big plot points and turning points are, so I’m going to aim for those and hope for the best. (And when I get stuck, I’ll just sketch out what I think should happen next and go from there.)

I really doubt I’ll get any writing done on DARK LORD IN TRAINING (sorry) or anything else for that matter. I have a D&D campaign I really want to get going, but I feel so totally overwhelmed with stuff right now that just focusing on my work and doing that every day has been hard enough (mental health is still not 100% yet). Taking on any side projects right now is just too daunting for me. So I’m sticking to one thing at a time for now.

Hopefully, I’ll hit my goals this month. I’m looking forward to finishing THE MERMAID AND THE BEAST as soon as possible. I feel like it’s a winner, you guys.

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