Writing went rather smoothly in December, though my word counts were lower than I would have liked. I was able to write every day before the holiday break, except for one day when I was sick (probable food poisoning). Some days, I netted a negative number of words, but it all counts as progress.

You can read my end of year update here.


Word Counts in December:

Blog/Newsletter: 2,634

Total Words Written in December: 6,373
Total Words Written in 2020: 133,480*

*Number is higher than the end of the year report due to this number actually including that blog post.


Writing Talks:

I managed a couple of writing livestreams before the holiday break. I had planned to do a third, but kiddo really needed help finishing the Spirit Temple in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that afternoon, and I had no choice but to oblige.

12/4/20 : Brief update on BOSTOP progress
12/11/20 : Juggling worldbuilding, backstory, and plot without infodumping


Plans for January:

I intend to keep trucking along on BLOOD OF SALT, TEARS OF PEARL this month, focusing on getting through the first act if I can, then backtrack and do a little more finetuning based on feedback from some early readers. I think if I work on rewriting the book in sections, then going back and doing at least one good read-through of each section before moving on to the next one, I’ll be able to revise to a better degree than trying to do the whole thing through, then starting over again. The rewriting process so far has been really rough, considering the amount of editing that I’m having to do, so I think taking the time to polish each section will help make it feel more manageable.

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