Summer is going by pretty fast y’all, and with it, a whole lot of not-writing. As I mentioned last month, I was in a car wreck at the beginning of May, and I am still recovering from that. I still can’t sit at my desk for too long without pain, but I started physical therapy this past month for that, so it’s improving, if slowly. I made some changes to my desk setup, and that has helped my posture a lot, and as a consequence, I can sit longer at my computer, so I’m hoping that by summer’s end, I’ll be able to take advantage of full writing days again. (And maybe by then I won’t hate every word I write…)

I did eke out a few words this month, but not on anything I *should* be writing.

June Word Counts:

Blog Posts: 519
Epic fantasy prologue (untitled): 2700

Total Words for June: 3219
Total Words for 2018: 53,219

Plans for July:

Going to be about the same this month, I expect. I have no plans to sit down and try to work on anything (even REBEL ENGINEER) until mid-August, so if I get anything written, it’ll be purely by accident.

Not much of an update this month!

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