Not much to report for June. I started editing REBEL ENGINEER but didn’t make much progress on that. I’ve had a hard time finding the proper motivation to work on it. Otherwise, I got an idea for a new book in June that would not let me go (THE LITTLE MERMAID meets BEAUTY AND THE BEAST), and I’ve since done a lot of reading, brainstorming, and outlining to figure out if it was worth pursuing or not, and I have to say that I’m excited to start writing it.

Word Counts:

Blog posts: 209
MERMAID/BEAST: 7,715 brainstorming notes
REBEL ENGINEER: started edits

Total Words for June: 7,924
Total Words for 2017: 86,064

Plans for July:

I want to try to edit a chapter a week on REBEL ENGINEER, which is a fairly ambitious goal for the month, I think. Between buying a new house and moving into it and kiddo being out of school for the summer, I don’t have as much writing time as I would like. If I can finish editing REBEL ENGINEER by the end of August, I will be happy with that, despite being several months overdue from when I originally wanted to have it done. C’est la vie. Otherwise, I may or may not start writing my MERMAID AND THE BEAST (working title) novel in earnest. It seems a shame to hold off when I have the outline done, but I also need to focus on editing REBEL ENGINEER, so we’ll see.

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