A rather brief update this month as I just got home from vacation (Colorado) late last night, and tomorrow, I go in for surgery to have my gallbladder removed. I’ve been in and out of the doctor’s office nearly every week for scans and tests this month after a gallbladder attack in April that landed me in the ER, and that on the heels of a stomach ulcer in March. I’ve lost about 25 lbs as a result, as my diet is now primarily nonfat and low-fat protein and tons of fiber, and I can only eat a small amount of food at any given time in the hopes of avoiding triggering another gallbladder attack. Despite that, I have been sick a lot this month, as my gallbladder steadily worsens, but by this time tomorrow, that sucker will be gone-zo. A few nice things to come out of this experience: 1) I can eat dairy again, so long as its nonfat/low-fat; 2) I have something to blame for the 15+ years of gastrointestinal suffering I’ve endured; 3) once I’ve recovered, figuring out what the hell to eat or order at a restaurant should be a much easier affair.

Anyway, that’s been my month, so not a whole lot of writing got done between the doctor appointments and feeling ill, but I did manage something, so I’m proud of that.


Word Counts in May:

Blog/Newsletter: 1301
Cartridges & Catacombs: 2250
BLOOD OF SALT, TEARS OF PEARL: Finished rewriting Chapter 1

Total Words Written in May: 3,551
Total Words Written in 2021: 33,062


Plans for June:

With surgery tomorrow, most of the month will be dominated by recovery, so I don’t expect to get any writing done for at least a couple of weeks. Maybe if I’m feeling okay enough toward the end of the month, but I’m not counting on it. Maybe July will see some good progress.

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