I spent all day today making two separate D&D characters and totally forgot it was the first of the month (which says a lot about how May went), so here is a belated update.

I was in a car wreck at the beginning of May (hydroplaned on the interstate, hit the median barrier, and ended up in the ditch, luckily without hitting anyone else), which derailed just about everything I had planned since I was couch-bound for three weeks, recovering from a concussion and whiplash. I’m just now able to sit at my desk for more than 30 minutes at a time, but every hour that I do, I end up paying for later. I tried writing while couch-bound (because I’m stubborn and stupid), but there’s only so much I can do on my laptop, and I’m pretty much convinced that the 70,000+ words I’ve written on THE MERMAID & THE BEAST so far is a complete and total mess, so I spent more time staring at it trying to figure out what’s wrong with it than I spent actually writing anything. The concussion didn’t help matters either, since I kept forgetting how words work in the midst of trying to write. What little work I did get done came at the end of the month, and most of that was me making notes on my draft of all the things I need to fix.

 I’m really bummed about the whole thing, because I feel like I’m on the brink of something with THE MERMAID & THE BEAST, but I just can’t seem to make it work yet, which is frustrating as hell. So I gave up on that and just spent the month reading, playing games, watching TV, and doing a lot of random shit (in fact, earlier this week, I recreated Meduseld, aka The Golden Hall, Edoras, Rohan, Middle Earth, in Planet Coaster; it took me almost three days). Super productive.

May Word Counts:

Blog posts: 666 (Hail Satan)
THE MERMAID & THE BEAST: 3934 (mostly notes to myself)

Total Words for May: 4600
Total Words for 2018: 50,084

Hey I broke 50,000 words. Look at that.

Plans for June:

It’s summer break for kiddo now, which means I’m full-time mom for the next two and a half months. Writing time will be sparse, and I’m still recovering from the wreck, so I have no bold ambitions or expectations for this month. As such, I’m going to set THE MERMAID & THE BEAST aside until August and the school year roll around. I need distance from it before I end up ruining it with indecision.

In the meantime, I’ll do my best to edit REBEL ENGINEER to publishable quality and get some more eyes on that. I’d love to have that edited and ready for feedback by the end of summer, but who knows how much I’ll actually get to work on it. Writing goals and other such lofty ideals and ambitions should be more solid by mid-August, when, after five years, I will have a full day of writing again (bless), as kiddo starts kindergarten.

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