May came and went to quickly, and now it’s June. I didn’t write much at all last month since I just finished the first draft of REBEL ENGINEER in April and wanted to let that rest for a bit before starting revisions. We are also (unexpectedly) in the process of buying a house, so I’ve spent most of my time packing. But I did get a little bit of writing done in the first half of the month.

Words Written in May:

Blog Posts: 1217
Fantasy Brainstorming: 6167
Rebel Engineer: started editing Chapter 1

Total Words in May: 7,384
Total Words for 2017: 78,140

Plans for June:

We’re scheduled to close on the new house by the end of the month, so I expect I will be spending most of my time packing between now and then, with a writing break here or there once kiddo starts summer camp, but mostly packing and getting our current house ready to sell. Any writing I get done this month will most likely be brainstorming notes on my As-Yet-Untitled Fantasy (I am literally writing the history and mythology of this world from the Dawn of Time because why not) and maybe, if I have the mental capacity for it, editing REBEL ENGINEER.

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