October turned out to be a really productive month. I worked on preliminary stuff for THE MERMAID AND THE BEAST and ended up writing (and posting) four new chapters of DARK LORD IN TRAINING. I also plotted out the remainder of the book, and I’m looking at roughly fifteen chapters left to write before I reach the end, about 25-35,000 words, which means the first draft will come in just shy of 100,000 words (wow is editing going to be a nightmare). But that’s being put on hold for now as I start working on THE MERMAID AND THE BEAST for NaNoWriMo.

Also, I broke 100,000 words for the year this month! Woohoo!

October Word Counts:

Blog posts: 600
DARK LORD IN TRAINING: 7,896 words + 1,634 brainstorming
THE MERMAID AND THE BEAST: 2,902 brainstorming + 7,658 words on prequel short

Total Words for October: 20,690
Total Words for 2017: 119,968

Plans for November:

It’s November! Which means it’s time for NaNoWriMo once more. I have never “won” a month of NaNoWriMo in my life, and yet I find myself once again sitting down on November 1st to write a new novel. The stars don’t always align for a month of hardcore novel-writing this time of year, especially with publisher deadlines constantly over my head these past few years, but I have a bit of breathing room between steampunk novels, so I’m giving it a go. My last few NaNoWriMo attempts fell flat. Last year, I attempted a rewrite of an old novel—and I was actually on track mid-way through the month!—but that got derailed by the US elections and I never finished. The year before that, I tried pushing through 50,000 words on DARK LORD IN TRAINING but for whatever reason, 6,000 words in, I quit. Skip back to 2013, I started writing a draft of a book called WIZARDRY SCHMIZARDRY two weeks after my daughter was born (why) that I ultimately scrapped after 10,000 words (I did rework the idea into what would become DARK LORD IN TRAINING however, so not a total waste). There were a few other attempts before that, but I don’t remember what years and I don’t have my old account information anymore. Suffice it to say: they were all failures.

But this year, I have hope I might actually “win” with 50,000 words written in November. I’ve mentioned a bit about THE MERMAID AND THE BEAST these last few months, talking about all the preliminary work I’ve been doing to prepare for the day I actually start drafting the damn thing. Well, today is that day, and I couldn’t be more excited. This book is going to be something special. I can feel it. What little work I did in October (the prequel story) only made me even more excited to write the actual novel. It’s a story that combines so many of my favorite things, not just the fairy tales themselves, but the other elements too—medieval Scotland, a heartfelt romance, insanely powerful women, old castles, magic, and the kind of family drama that spans generations. It’s the story of everything that I love. I just hope I do it justice!

Upcoming Events:

November 18: Signing at the Barnes & Noble in Rogers, AR, 12:00pm – 5:00pm.


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