September turned out to be a pretty productive month, even though I didn’t actually “work” every day. I’m working on structuring my edits for REBEL ENGINEER, and doing that, I’m learning a completely new editing process than what I’ve done in the past. Part of that process means I’ve been doing more sporadic work in an effort to create as much objective distance between me and my book as possible (and yet still get work done in a timely manner). I made up a revision plan at the start of the month, and then spent the rest making notes on the current draft, like where to add new scenes, where to expand existing ones, where I might make a certain scene or arc stronger, that sort of thing. I’ve been posting new content on my Patreon each week for the various patron tiers, and I’m happy to see the growth there, if small potatoes so far. I even wrote a bit on DARK LORD IN TRAINING this month (gasp!), and my brain has been spinning with new (and old) ideas.

September Word Counts:

Blog posts: 756
Patreon content: 795
Rebel Engineer: 1020 (revision outline)
Dark Lord in Training: 1345

Total Words for September: 3916
Total Words for 2018: 65,447

Plans for October:

I have two chapters left to annotate on REBEL ENGINEER, and then I plan to dig into those revisions, following my revision outline and the handwritten notes I’ve made this month. In an ideal world (lol we know this isn’t that, but I can dream), I will be able to finish the next draft of REBEL ENGINEER by the end of the month. (And then maybe work on something else during NaNoWriMo? Who knows?) There will be a lot of writing and rewriting involved in this revision, but none of it feels insurmountable. I think if I follow my plan and take on edits in little bits, I’ll be able to tackle it all without too much stress. I’m really looking forward to finishing this book and putting it out into the world, so I’m excited that I’m that much closer to the end.

Other than that, I’m going to keep working at my own pace and not fret over whether or not I’m writing every single day. I feel like I succeeded on that this month, and it felt good not beating myself up over “lost work time”. I might dabble a bit more with DARK LORD IN TRAINING and if my spinning thoughts ever coalesce into something solid, I might write down a few of the ideas that are percolating in the back of my brain. Wherever the wind takes me, I guess.

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