September was absolutely horrible after a productive August. I barely managed to write anything at all between planning for a large event in the middle of the month and an unexpected surgery last week (and all the anxiety and recovery that comes with that). I’ve been unexpectedly wiped out this month, and writing has been difficult to do. I did play with something new at the beginning of the month, just to get it on paper, and I’m excited to turn to that project in the future, once BLOOD OF SALT, TEARS OF PEARL is well and truly finished.

Word Counts in September:

Blog/Newsletter: 1447
Patreon: 2116
Other: 1362

Total Words Written in August: 9880
Total Words Written in 2019: 251,163

Up to a quarter of a million words this year!

Plans for October:

I am still in recovery from surgery this week, so I’m trying my best to take it easy and not push myself too much while my wound heals. I would like to continue writing this month, but I don’t have a definite goal in mind, since there are so many variables to how much I can reasonably get done. Ozark Book Con is a little over a month away, so I’m going to be spending a lot of time getting everything in order for that, working on scheduling panels and what not. If I can get any writing done amidst healing and planning, I will be happy, though it’s unlikely I will finish the book this month. At this point, I think I will be lucky to finish the book by the end of the year. But we will see.


With everything else going on, I fell behind again in September and only managed to complete one reward. Instead of trying to catch up and double up on the number of rewards I need to do, I decided to skip charging my patrons for the month of October. I know that a lot of my patrons don’t care one way or the other if I produce content for them or not, but I don’t feel comfortable continuing to charge them if I am not producing content. I do intend to try to complete October’s Patreon rewards this month, but again, we will see how that goes. I did manage to do one thing, at least.

For $3+:

BEHIND-THE-SCENES: “Ideas Worth Writing” – a look at how the right ideas eventually become stories, plus a first look at a new idea for a book!

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